Nottingham Volunteer Ambulance Squad

In Case of an Emergency always Call 911.

About us

Nottingham is one of the only 100% all volunteer squads left in Mercer County. We  currently have 2 Ambulances (111-3 & 111-4)  a Supervisor car, which was donated by the township.  We also have a 12 ft. trailer that was donated by Roma Bank, that we will be using for various events and functions.  

Volunteer Squad

Nottingham is 100% all volunteer squad. If you would like to join the squad and you are at least 16 years of age you can stop by and pick up an application or you can call 609-586-7790 for information on how to become a member.

Annual Fund Drive

Nottingham is one of the only 100% all volunteer squad left in Mercer County.

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About us

The Nottingham Ambulance Squad started out in the 1950s.

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